Need Dance Shoes?
2018 Texas Dance Country Cruise!
How does our program work?

Need Dance Shoes?(back to the top)

I know you gals and guys have been asking forever! We've been approved to distribute Dance Shoes! If you need a pair or 2 or 3 please let me know so I can order them for you! If you already wear Very Fine Dance shoes  and need to order more or have been waiting to get some shoes, now is the time! Check out just a few of some pictures of some of the shoes I'll be carrying or use the links to check out the shoe selections and call me so that I can order them for you!


Texas Dance Country Cruise! (back to the top)

We booked the 2018 Texas Dance Country Cruise! Here is the information you need! Who's going to be first to book?

Royal Caribbean
Oct. 28 - Nov 04, 2018


Call Royal Caribbean at 1-800-465-3595. You must book through Royal Caribbean directly and NOT a travel agent in order to be part of the group & for us to get credit on the cruise. You will NOT be eligible to attend the group dance workshops or sit with the group at dinner if you sign up outside the group. NO EXCEPTIONS!

$50 On-board credit per cabin!

Group ID number - 6133479

Group Name - Texas Dance Country


Departure from Galveston

Cruise Itinerary:





Deposit of $500/cabin ($250/person) is due upon booking. Final payment is due  JULY 30, 2018.  The agent said if the price goes down we will get the lower rate!

Prices? Since our initial 30 day registration period is up ask Royal Caribbean for the current price! And make sure to give them the group number!

Early dining 5:30pm. Please ask to be seated with the group unless you want a different time.

How Does Our Program Work? (back to the top)

We've had questions from prospective and new students about how our program works so here it is. All our classes are offered in "levels". We teach the following dances:

2-Step 15 levels
Waltz 6 levels
Cha-Cha 5 levels
East Coast Swing 5 levels
West Coast Swing 10+ levels
Nite Club 2-step 5 levels

We also teach Rumba, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.

You can compare our program to your school days. You started with 1st grade and progressed until you completed all requirements to graduate. Well, we do the same thing. Each level builds on the previous level. Each class meets for 1 hour a week & each level is 6 weeks long. When a level finishes, the next one starts the next week, same time and place. You do not need a partner. If the class is not balanced we bring in helpers. You pay by the level and there are no contracts to sign. If you repeat a class within 24 months you get the discounted price ($40.00/couple, $30.00/single).

Trying to get ready for a special occasion? a Holiday party, wedding, etc?
We've prepared hundreds of students for that special occasion. Don't wait till the last minute to get dance instruction. We stay booked about 4-5 weeks in advance. Call the studio at 281-332-7123 today!

    Last updated May 29, 2018