Need Dance Shoes?
NEW!Level 1 Two-Step starts Tues. 09/19!
NEW! Level 1 West Coast Swing 09/18!

NEW!!  Ballroom Classes start Wed. 07/19!
2017 Texas Dance Country Cruise Oct. 14!
NEW!! Thriller Dance Starts 09/13!
NEW!! Level 1 Cha Cha Starts 09/20!
Chaparral Party Schedule!
Chaparral Party Rumors?

How does our program work?
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Class Location Changes!!!

Please note that some of our class locations have temporarily changed! The League City Rec Center is in use by FEMA so Monday & Wednesday classes have been moved to Reno's. 20810 Gulf Fwy, Ste L, Webster, Texas 77598. Our Thursday classes have been moved to the Hangar, 901 Buckingham, Friendswood, Texas 77546. We expect to move our classes to their original locations one we are able to.

Need Dance Shoes?(back to the top)

I know you gals and guys have been asking forever! We've been approved to distribute Dance Shoes! If you need a pair or 2 or 3 please let me know so I can order them for you! If you already wear Very Fine Dance shoes  and need to order more or have been waiting to get some shoes, now is the time! Check out just a few of some pictures of some of the shoes I'll be carrying or use the links to check out the shoe selections and call me so that I can order them for you!


New!! Level 1  Two-Step starts Tues. Sept 19! (back to the top)

Please note the change in starting date! We should have started this class on Sept. 12 but the Hangar is not available due to the storm. This class is on Tuesdays, 7:15pm at the Hanger in Friendswood (901 Buckingham)! Call the studio at 281-332-7123 to register. 

New!! Level 1 West Coast Swing Starts 09/18! (back to the top)

Please note the change in starting date!  We have decided to postpone the start from the original date of Sept 11 to Sept 18.This class is on Mondays at Reno's at 6:15-7:15pm. Call the studio at 281-332-7123 to register.

New!! Ballroom Classes start Wed. 7/19!(back to the top)

These classes will be offered in 3 week sessions starting on Wednesday, July 19.  The cost for each 3 week session is only $30/couple or $20/single. The class will be held Wednesdays at Reno's. 20810 Gulf Fwy, Ste L, Webster, Texas 77598, 7:30 - 8:30pm. The first 3 weeks will cover Foxtrot, the second 3 week session Rumba, followed by a 3 week session of Tango. Call the studio at 281-332-7123 to register. 

2017 Texas Dance Country Cruise! (back to the top)

Not too late to book! People are still booking! Don't wait till the last moment to sign up for this one! We always have a wonderful time and make wonderful lasting friendships on our cruises! Here are the details!

Group ID is 5LS3G5
Group name is Texas Dance Country

Dates: Oct. 14 - Oct 21, 2017
Ship: Carnival Freedom
Departing from Galveston
Ports of Call:
Key West, Florida (ALWAYS a fun place!), Nassau, The Bahamas, and Freeport, The Bahamas!

- Early dinner - 6:00pm!
- We will get amenities on this cruise!

Group number is 5LS3G5. You must book using this number in order to be included in group activities...workshops, dinners, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please do not use the Early Saver or Super Saver rates without understanding the restrictions. Both are non-refundable with no amenities and  other restrictions.

Please call Carnival directly at 1-800-819-3902 X85969 and ask for Patricia or call the general Carnival reservation number. You must go through Carnival directly and NOT a travel agent.

New!! Thriller Line Dance Routine Classes start Wed. 9/13! (back to the top)

The class is on Wednesdays at Reno's at 6:15-7:15pm. The cost for this 5 week class is ONLY $25/person. Please call the studio at 281-332-7123 to register.

New!! Cha Cha Level 1 Classes start Wed. 9/20! (back to the top)

The class is on Wednesdays at Reno's. 20810 Gulf Fwy, Ste L, Webster, Texas 77598 at 7:30-8:30pm. Please call the studio at 281-332-7123 to register.

Chaparral Party Schedule! (back to the top)

  The Chaparral suffered extensive flooding during the storm so all monthly Chaparral parties are on hold until further notice. We will keep you updated on the progress. Don't forget to join us at Buck Wild on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Remember that the main dance floor is now smoke free!

Chaparral Party Rumors?(back to the top)

We've heard recently that some people are spreading rumors that the Chaparral parties are for couples only or that beginners are not welcomed. We'd like to say that while we have a lot of couples who attend we also have a lot of singles who attend. As you all know all of our students and friends who attend both the Chaparral and Big Texas functions dance with everyone else. And, ladies, the guys like to be asked to dance also! Why should they be the only ones asking? Seating at the Chaparral sometimes make it harder to mix so we're asking everyone to sit as close to the dance floor as possible so that they can be seen. If you have any suggestions about seating, etc. at the Chaparral parties please let us know. We'd like to make this a function that everyone can attend & just have a ball. As for beginners not attending.... what better place than our functions! There's plenty of room, a big variety of music, and lots of friends to mix with. Please help us continue to make the Chaparral parties a big success by attending. We work very hard on putting together danceable music that everyone can dance to. The mixers seem to be a great hit so they will continue. It's a great way to dance with someone whom you've never danced with.

How Does Our Program Work? (back to the top)

We've had questions from prospective and new students about how our program works so here it is. All our classes are offered in "levels". We teach the following dances:

2-Step 15 levels
Waltz 6 levels
Cha-Cha 5 levels
East Coast Swing 5 levels
West Coast Swing 10+ levels
Nite Club 2-step 5 levels

We also teach Rumba, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.

You can compare our program to your school days. You started with 1st grade and progressed until you completed all requirements to graduate. Well, we do the same thing. Each level builds on the previous level. Each class meets for 1 hour a week & each level is 6 weeks long. When a level finishes, the next one starts the next week, same time and place. You do not need a partner. If the class is not balanced we bring in helpers. You pay by the level and there are no contracts to sign. If you repeat a class within 24 months you get the discounted price ($40.00/couple, $30.00/single).

Trying to get ready for a special occasion? a Holiday party, wedding, etc?
We've prepared hundreds of students for that special occasion. Don't wait till the last minute to get dance instruction. We stay booked about 4-5 weeks in advance. Call the studio at 281-332-7123 today!

At A Glance (back to the top)

  • NEW!! Level 1 West Coast Swing starts Mon. 09/18, Reno's, 6:15pm!
  • NEW!! Level 1 Two-Step Starts Tues. 09/19, Hanger, 7:15pm
  • NEW!! Ballroom Classes start Wed. 7/19!, Reno's, 7:30pm
  • NEW!! Thriller Line Dance Routine Starts 09/13, Reno's 6:15pm

Last updated Sept 18, 2017